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Aging & Vein Health


Cindy Asbjornsen, DO, FAVLS, RPhS and founder of the Vein Healthcare Center in South Portland, was invited to present by the 2022 MOA Annual Convention.

In the educational session Aging and Vein Health, you will:

  • Learn how to recognize venous disease in seniors.
  • Understand how venous disease can occur in seniors at every stage – young old, old, and old old.
  • Learn about modern, non-invasive treatments that can help patients decrease the leg pain and discomfort associated with venous reflux.
  • Explore conversative management and adjunctive therapies for treating venous disease.

Click the image above to view the free presentation.

If you have any questions for Dr. Asbjornsen, please contact the Vein Healthcare Center at 207-221-7799 or info@veinhealthcare.com. We are currently accepting new patients.