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Endothermal Ablation

Endothermal ablation is a minimally invasive treatment used to treat large varicose veins in the legs. It is considered the gold standard in treatment of venous symptoms, and has largely replaced previous, more invasive standards of care such as vein stripping. Endothermal ablation has opened the door for many patients with venous disorders to eliminate symptoms and improve their appearance right in the physician's office, with minimal time investment and minimal pain.

The endothermal ablation procedure involves threading a small laser fiber into the vein at the failure location. Following a local anesthesia, blood flow is obstructed by irritating the vein wall and allowing the vein to close. The vein eventually disappears and is no longer visible on the surface of the leg. Blood is diverted to the many other healthy veins in the leg, and there is no ill effect from the loss of the troublesome vein. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, and patients are able to return to work and engage in physical activity.

Visit the American College of Phlebology to understand more about venous disease, its symptoms, and its treatment.

Learn about your options. If you are experiencing leg discomfort or ulcers, or if you are interested in stopping the progression of varicose veins, the Vein Healthcare Center provides services for patients in Maine, New England, and surrounding communities. Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen is a certified phlebologist who provides complete medical care for your symptoms using the very best of today's treatment options.

Contact us at 207-221-7799, or visit us at our South Portland, Maine location.