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Meet the Team


Emanuel Papadakis, RVT, RDCS - Technical Director


Emanuel Papadakis

Manny is a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer (RDCS) and registered vascular technologist (RVT) through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), the main accreditation organization for sonographers.

Manny’s role is to produce vein mappings that help the physician create a treatment plan and to provide ultrasound guidance for ablations and sclerotherapy. When working with patients, he listens closely to where their sources of discomfort are so he can perform a better vein mapping, which will result in a better outcome. He also tries to connect with patients and get to know them a bit more on a personal level, making for a more comfortable and less intimidating visit.

Prior to VHC, he worked as a Cardiovascular and Vein Lab Technical Director for 10 years. His background includes providing an array of diagnostic imaging tests, including stress testing, echocardiography, and general vascular and vein specialized procedures.


“Knowing that I make a difference in a patient’s health is very rewarding. I have seen patients that have chronic leg swelling, heavy legs with achiness, and even ulcerations. Providing the guidance required to treat the patient is rewarding since I have assisted in the patient’s overall treatment and quality of life.”

Sam Armfield, RVT, RDMS - Ultrasound Technologist


Sam Armfield

Registered Vascular Technologist , Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Sam has over 20 years of hospital and private practice vascular diagnostic ultrasound experience. He trained at Thomas Jefferson Hospital for Diagnostic Ultrasound and was previously the Program Director for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography at a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sam’s role is to evaluate patients for venous disease and assist with minimally invasive venous intervention procedures. He also makes patients feel welcome and explains the process before, during, and after evaluations. He strives to ensure that patients are relaxed, pain-free, and comfortable.


“There is an atmosphere of caring, professionalism, and competency at VHC. I enjoy working with such a well-educated team.”

Brad Roberts RVT, RDMS


Brad Roberts

Brad is a Vascular Ultrasound Technician who provides vein mapping at the Vein Healthcare Center, as well as assisting on vein ablation and sclerotherapy procedures. Prior to joining the practice, Brad spent three years as an Ultrasonographer at Southern Maine Health Care in Biddeford and seven years as a Vascular Technologist at MMP MaineHealth Cardiology in Scarborough.

Brad does his best to make patients as comfortable as possible, treating each person as though they are a member of his own family. He talks to patients and helps them understand why the ultrasound is necessary for vein care and explains the ultrasound mapping process and how veins and venous blood flow work.


“I especially like seeing a patient from start to finish to see how we helped alleviate their symptoms and vein issues.”

Nicole Wright, RVT - Ultrasound Technologist


Nicole Wright

Nicole is a registered ultrasound technologist. She graduated from Southwestern Community College in North Carolina and has been working in vein centers for more than three years. Nicole is responsible for performing the venous reflux studies that create a “map” of the patient’s leg veins so that a treatment plan can be created accordingly. She also conducts ultrasound exams to rule out Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots) in patient’s legs if they’re having pain or if a DVT is suspected.

She believes that the most rewarding experience working in vein health is getting to follow a patient's progress and watching their health and lives transform.


“We not only improve the health of a patient’s legs; we also improve their confidence.”

Keila Connolly, Practice Manager


Keila Connolly

Keila provides support to our providers and all staff in a variety of areas, including patient intake and scheduling, prior insurance authorizations, and following up on acute patient issues. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training and holds a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from the Southern New Hampshire University.

Keila enjoys streamlining processes and workflows to help the team operate smoothly and efficiently while providing exceptional care. In everything she does, she always keeps the focus on doing what’s best for our patients.


“I value every patient interaction and want each individual to know that they are in good hands. I enjoy resolving issues and advocating for our patients however is needed.”

Emily DeLuca, Ultrasound Intern


Emily DeLuca

Emily received her Bachelor of Exercise Science from St. Joseph’s College in Maine, with a minor in Psychology. She is currently participating in VHC’s first Ultrasound Internship. As an Ultrasound Intern, Emily studies to be a registered phlebology sonographer and trains with the Ultrasound Technologists as they evaluate patients and perform endovenous treatments. Emily also continues to work part-time as a Patient Care Coordinator, assisting with administrative tasks and making patients feel welcome.


“I'm really enjoying working at VHC getting hands-on medical experience. I also like getting to know the patients better – they’ve been very open and encouraging while I'm learning! ”

Allison Field, Insurance Specialist


Allison Field

With a Bachelors in Exercise Science and a Master’s in Education, Allison has experience in medical, classroom, and business settings. She works with patients, insurance companies, and our billing office to coordinate authorization for procedures and appointments, ensuring that treatment is covered.

Allison understands that navigating insurance coverage can be confusing, and she does her best to answer patients’ insurance-related questions and keep them informed about any correspondence with insurance companies so that the process is transparent.


“We are a close-knit team with one common goal: to give our patients the best experience possible.”

Mishaela Favreau, Patient Care Coordinator


Mishaela Favreau

As a Patient Care Coordinator, Mishaela Favreau is often the first and last point of contact for patients. She has worked in a range of medical fields including internal medicine, urology, mental health, and dental health.

Mishaela does everything she can to help patients have a seamless and uplifting experience as they make their journey towards better leg health. To that end, she makes her interaction with every patient upbeat and pleasant.


“I love being part of a team where everyone is welcoming, supportive, and focused on exceptional patient care. It feels satisfying when I talk with a patient who is excited about the steps they’re taking to be more comfortable and confident in their skin!”

Shannon Kinonen, Patient Care Coordinator


Shannon Kinonen

Shannon is one of our Patient Care Coordinators, helping to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for our patients, whether she is scheduling appointments, answering questions, or listening to their concerns.

Prior to working at VHC, Shannon was an office manager for a physical therapy clinic for four years and the Director's Assistant for a rehab facility, which offered physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapy. She spent the last 10 years in retail management, and with her strong customer service background, patients’ needs are always her top priority.


“The team atmosphere at VHC is the best! Everyone always works together to make the best experience for each and every patient. It's so rewarding when a complex case is resolved, and the process was seamless for the patient.”

Cat Biegel, Medical Assistant


Cat Biegel

Cat recently graduated from Colby College with a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry. After graduation, she worked at Southern Maine Health Care as a Medical/Surgical Assistant. She joined VHC to learn more about inpatient and outpatient healthcare environments and hopes to attend medical school to become a doctor specializing in women's health. Cat’s role is to prepare patients for their appointments and to assist providers during procedures.

Her top priority is making patients feel comfortable and confident in the capabilities of their healthcare team.


“The most rewarding aspect of this job is making connections with patients and working within a team to provide them with the best possible care.”

Kobey Gillespie, Medical Assistant


Kobey Gillespie

Kobey Gillespie is a recent graduate from the University of Maine where he earned a degree in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Medicine. He is planning to attend medical school in the future. At VHC, he greets patients, prepares them for their visits and assists with procedures.

Kobey brings a personable, welcoming approach when meeting patients, answering any questions they may have about the process.


“I like to develop relationships with the patients because it can help make the treatment process easier for them.”

Catriona McIntyre, Medical Assistant


Catriona McIntyre

Catriona graduated from Colby College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. While at Colby, she served as an EMT-B on the Colby Emergency Response team. Her role at VHC is to greet patients and get them settled for their visit, including taking vitals and preparing them for their procedure.

Catriona always make an effort to make each patient feel special by asking them questions about their day, which helps patients feel comfortable asking questions or speaking up if there is something they need during or after the appointment.


“My favorite part about this job is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with patients. We often see one patient multiple times over the course of a couple weeks and it's always a great feeling when they are excited to see you and vice versa.”

Meredith Roderka - Medical Assistant


Meredith Roderka

Meredith graduated from the University of Maine with a major in Biology and minor in Psychology and Neuroscience. She plans to attend medical school to practice primary care.

At VHC, Meredith greets patients, prepares them for their visits, and assists with venous procedures. She does her best to help validate patients’ concerns, recognizing that procedures can feel scary for patients because of the fear of the unknown. Meredith walks patients through every step of the procedure to eliminate any anxiety they might have.


“I enjoy developing relationships with patients over the course of their treatment – and not only seeing the improvement in their legs visually, but hearing patients talk about how their symptoms have improved too.”