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Leg Aches, Pain, or Swelling May Be a Sign of Venous Disease

If you struggle with mild to severe leg pain, including swelling or aching that occurs at the end of the day or at night, you may have symptoms of early or late stage venous disease. Treating vein insufficiency may provide relief for leg aches, pain, swelling of the legs or ankles, or leg cramps. In some cases, treatment can provide relief from symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Today, treatments for venous disease include minimally-invasive, in-patient therapies that are extremely effective, and for most patients, completely pain-free.

Today’s vein treatments include:

  • Endovenous laser ablation (also known as EVLA, EVLT™ or laser treatment)
  • Light-assisted sclerotherapy
  • Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy
  • Non-invasive venous disease management

Learn About Your Options for Treatment

There is no reason to live with troublesome leg pain, aches, or swelling. At the Vein Healthcare Center, patients throughout Maine and surrounding areas are treated close to home by certified phlebologist Cindy Asbjornsen, D.O. Find out if vein treatment is right for you.

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